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This page covers Garbage Pick-Up & Related Questions.

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Garbage – General Rules

We have strict rules about garbage as we have a contract with Burtecc that stipulates what can be included in garbage.

  • Our curbside pick up is Mondays.
  • We have garbage receptacles at the end of Alfaro that can be used as well.
  • Garbage must be put in bins and in a trash bag.
  • The garbage on Alfaro is for homeowners use only is monitored by Cameras.
  • Contractors are not allowed to use the garbage cans.

Here is a guideline of what can be dumped in the garbage cans.  If you dump some thing in there that is not allowed, you will get a call from security to give you an option to remove them.

If you fail to do so, you will be fined.

  • You can only dump three 30 gallon garbage bags per day or less.
  • You can schedule a pick of items not allowed by Calling Burtecc.
  • Garbage Allowed:
  • Only three 30 Gallon bags per day

For all other items -Burtec.

Burrtec Contact Information

Customer Service 760-340-2113 or [email protected]

Services Provided

Bulky Item Pick-up
Christmas Trees Recycling
Electronic Waste
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Used Motor Oil

What can I put in my recycling bin:

Other FAQ:



Contractors and construction waste are not allowed to use our bins.









Electronic Waste- Call Burtec for pick up







Household junk only if it fits in three 30 gallon or less garbage bags














What can I put in my recycling bin?

Recycling plays an important role in managing the waste generated in homes and businesses, and it reduces the need for landfills. We take pride in every effort we make to ensure that the delicate environment is protected for many generations to come.

The list of recyclable items continues to grow. Below is a current list of common household products that can be recycled.

NOTE:  Green waste and used oil cannot be disposed of in your recycle container.  Please contact your local customer service center for proper handling.

*The Upper and Lower Desert cities are only accepting foam packing blocks (such as the foam blocks that protect new televisions or computers) at this time.  Please contact your local customer service center for more information.



What Are Local Green Planet Resources?

Here Are Local & State Recycling Resources

America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day (ARD), November 15, is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products.

California Department Of Conservation

The Department of Conservation provides services and information that promote environmental health, economic vitality, informed land-use decisions and sound management of our states natural resources.


CalRecycle is the new home of California’s recycling and waste reduction efforts.  Officially known as California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

Earth 911

A public and private sector partnership to empower the public with community
specific resources to improve their quality of life.

Environmental Protection Agency

Recycling tips from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Glass Packaging Institute

At the forefront of glass container recycling efforts.

National Recycling Coalition

NRC initiates partnerships between global business leaders and local governments to provide profitable and environmentally innovative solutions to waste reduction.


A national trade association that promotes PET recycling and the use of PET plastic. Includes information for starting a community PET recycling program.


The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents leading manufacturers of plastic resins.

Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)

Advancing the practice of environmentally and economically sound management of municipal solid waste in North America.


Does Burrtec Have a FAQ Page?

They certainly do for your convenience here is what’s on it:

What can I put into my recycling bin?

Please visit our recycling page for a list of recyclable and non-recyclable items.


How do I start my waste services?

To start your waste services, please contact our customer service department in your area for more information.


How should I handle any problems regarding my trash and recycling service such as a missed pickup, broken or stolen barrels, etc?

If you have any problems regarding your waste services, please contact our customer service department in your area for more information.


How do I dispose of bulky items?

To schedule a bulky item pick up, please contact our customer service department in your area for more information.


What if I need an additional service and container?

Please click here for additional service options or contact our customer service department in your area for more information.


What if I need a larger container?

Please click here to order a larger container or contact our customer service department in your area for more information.