Who Can Get An RFID Tag To Enter From The Back Gate or The Express Lane?


Homeowners can have a maximum of 6 RFID tags. First 3 are free, thereafter $100 each. Only Homeowners can apply for their renters who stay for more than 60 days can apply at a cost of $100 each.

Returning renters can be reactivated for $50 each providing their original tag is still on the same headlight. Golf and Tennis club members at a cost of $25 each.

Please apply by filling out the online form you can find here: RFID Tag Application


What happens if I forget to notify the front gate to allow a guest, cleaners or a contractor ? 

Security will attempt to call you.  Be a good neighbor and call or register the guest at [CLICK HERE] as it slows down people coming to the complex and results in frustrations for people who have to wait in line.

Why does Uber Driver need my address and can’t use his GPS? 

Security checks the computer for the unit number the UBER driver gives.  If the unit number has not called in, Security calls the homeowner who denies access resulting in line ups at the front gate and frustration from the person waiting for the UBER, homeowner who called in and people waiting to get into the complex.

Tenant RFID Tag Criteria & Issuance

An RFID tag may be purchased for a guest/tenant, with a sixty (60) day minimum lease agreement, in the amount of $50.00; a recurring guest/tenant may reactivation their RFID tag at the cost of $25.00 at the time of their next visit. An owner may purchase a new tag for $20.00.  Please contact the HOA office for more details.  CLICK HERE for Online Application form.

How can I call in guests to be allowed access at the front gate? 

You can call the front gate or register them at Dwelling Live … CLICK HERE

Why Do I Have To List All My Vehicles When I Submit My Application?

Our data base has to be current. 

So when you put an application we check to see which cars have been disposed of so that we can deactivate them.