Pool Rules … Why, Why, Why?


Why can’t we bring food to the pool?

Why can’t people in diapers – kids and seniors – come to the pool?

Even residents who have read the rules ask questions frequently.

Here are some answers.


No food or drink at the pool. Water only! Why?

Rancho Las Palmas HOA is not a hotel or spa or membership club with a full-time staff to clean up and empty garbage bins throughout the day/night, we have a “limited use” permit, which means our pools are not open to the public.

Residents who bring food to the pool – coffee, sodas, cookies, nuts, sandwiches, chips and other snacks – drop crumbs and other tasty morsels that attract ants, rats, crows, ducks and coyotes. Picture 500 ants carrying one Goldfish cracker, a flock of crows fighting over chicken bones in the garbage, or rodents finding treats for their growing families. These all pose potential health problems for our community. So please leave your snacks at home and just plan to eat before or after your pool visit.


No diaper-wearing persons in the pool enclosure. Why?

The reason for this is obvious. If there’s an accident, we must close the pool for at least 24 hours and apply a series of chemicals to sanitize the water.  Also, there is no such thing as “swim diapers”.   It’s still a diaper with a clever marketing name.

Please remember, seniors may have potential health and immune system issues and can’t compromised.

Our rules are designed for your safety!  Please help our swimming community by reading and following the pool rules. And enjoy your swim times!



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