New Members

This Page is the gateway for Rancho Las Palmas (“RLP”) Homeowners to access data your Home Owners Association has restricted as “eyes only” for homeowners.

This page contains a link below that you can use to create a new account as a RLP Homeowner … or log into your existing account.

Your registration will do two (2) things:

1. Access information that is restricted RLP Homeowners and

2. Create a Homeowner’s Page (“HP”) for you in the Homeowner’s Directory. 

Through your RLP Directory Page, you can share whatever information about yourself that you want your neighbors to know about you.

To register and create a new account  … CLICK HERE



The links shown below are here for the convenience of the RLPHOA Website Committee.

They will not be on this page on the final version of the website:

  1. Registration Page:
  2. Member Directory Page:
  3. Account Page:
  4. Log-In Page: