Are Solar Tubes Allowed?

Solar Tubes are an effective way to brighten up dark areas such as entry ways, hallways and some bathrooms.

They require you to cut a hole in the ceiling to the roof hence you are effecting the structure of the unit.  You must hire a licensed Contractor to the work and apply for a permit from the Architecture committee.

You will also be required to sign an indemnity indicating that you will be responsible for any damage in the future and its maintenance.  (Indemnity Agreement – NEED TO GET FROM WC)

The rules pertaining to solar tubes are in Section 15.14 of the Architecture Guidelines. CLICK HERE to download Section 15.14.

Floors plans are listed and you can use those to indicate the location of the solar tubes.

Floor Plan 20:     CLICK HERE

Floor Plan 30:     CLICK HERE

Floor Plan 200:   CLICK HERE

Floor Plan 300    CLICK HERE

Floor Plan 3000:  CLICK HERE

Floor Plan 4000  CLICK HERE

Please submit the application form that you can download here:  CLICK HERE

Please submit the complete form along with the appropriate fees