Contact Your Board

For your convenience, we have made it possible for your to communicate with the Board Member representing your Region or any of the HOA Board Officers.

Simply click on the “+” sign next to the name of the person you want to contact and you will see an email form appear.  Simply enter your name, email address and your message.

When you click “submit”, your email will be sent.

After clicking the submit button, the section containing the form you used will “collapse”.  If you want to make sure that your message was sent, just click on the “+” sign for the form you used and you will see a message like the one that appears in the image below.





If your correspondence requires a work order, please click here, and log you request there, this will get a quicker response and allow you to track the resolution of your issue.

To clarify, if you simply want to provide “information”, using the forms below is OK.  However, if you want someone “to fix something“, then please submit a work order through the work order system.


Contact Board of Directors



Message To The Board of Directors
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Contact HOA President – Chris Knauss – Zone # 4
Contact HOA President
[wpforms id=”676″]
Contact HOA Vice-President – Patty Ottoson – Zone # 2
Contact HOA Vice-President
[wpforms id=”688″]
Contact HOA Secretary – Bob Newlin – Zone # 1
Contact HOA Seccretary
[wpforms id=”691″]
Contact Director Zone # 3 – Navaz Murji
[wpforms id=”707″]
Contact Director Zone # 5 – Connie Spencer
[wpforms id=”712″]
Contact Director Zone # 6 – Jerry Cohn
[wpforms id=”716″]
Contact Director Zone # 7 – Mike Gilliam
[wpforms id=”720″]




Region 1
Secretary: Bob Newlin
Term: 3/2018 – 4/2019
Region 2
Vice-President: Patty Ottoson
Term: 3/2018 – 4/2019
Region 3
Director Region 3: Navaz Murji
Term: 3/2017 – 3/2019
Region 4
President: Chris Knauss
Term: 3/2016 – 4/2019
Region 5
Director Region 5: Connie Spencer
Term: 3/2016 – 4/2020
Region 6
Director Region 6: Jerry Cohn
Term:3/2018 – 4/2020
Region 7
Director Region 7: Mike Gilliam
Term:  3/2018 – 4/2020


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