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On this page you can list the your items for sale/wanted/free and categorize them in one of the following categories.  You can search for products in any of these groups using the Search Bar you can find on the Products Summary Page:



The process of listing a product is simple and only takes a few steps:.

Step # 1 –  Pick an ad “type” (Sell, Free or Wanted)   You must select one of these three types for the item “category” function to show categories.

Step # 2Pick an item “category” from the drop down list.  There are fourteen general item categories.  Simply pick the one that you think best fits the item you are listing.

Step # 3Provide the following information on the item:

      • Title: (short description of item)
      • Price Type:(fixed, negotiable, call to find out)
      • Dollar Amount: (specific dollar amount you would like)
      • Item Description:  Provide as much data as necessary to best present & describe your item)
      • Item Images:  (you can upload as many as 5 images)
      • Your Contact Information: (how do you want interested parties to contact you?)

Step # 4 – Click the “SUBMIT” button when finished.

You can see all of the items currently available on this Page:





Items You Should Not List or Sell  

Even though you are not technically selling any items “here” as we offer no way for you to accept online payments through the RLP-HOA Marketplace, it still makes sense to obey State Laws (and common sense) regarding what items you should avoid listing for sale, wanted or even giving away for free.  Please make sure that you do not list any items that fall into one of these categories.  Items in these categories are usually regulated by State (and often Federal) Laws and also can also require State & Local licensing.

    • tobacco products
    • liquor products
    • firearms, ammunition & knives
    • fireworks & associated products
    • medicines (especially those requiring a medical prescription)
    • illegal drugs (or items containing drugs like marijuana laced cookies)