Add Product


The process of listing a product is simple and only takes a few steps:.

Step # 1 –  Pick an ad “type” (Sell, Free or Wanted)   You must select one of these three types for the item “category” function to show categories.

Step # 2Pick an item “category” from the drop down list.  There are fourteen general item categories.  Simply pick the one that you think best fits the item you are listing.

Step # 3Provide the following information on the item:

        • Title: (short description of item)
        • Price Type:(fixed, negotiable, call to find out)
        • Dollar Amount: (specific dollar amount you would like)
        • Item Description:  Provide as much data as necessary to best present & describe your item)
        • Item Images:  (you can upload as many as 5 images)
        • Your Contact Information: (how do you want interested parties to contact you?)

Step # 4 – Click the “SUBMIT” button when finished.

You can see all of the items currently available on this Page: